Prevent Hair Loss
There are several unavoidable facts of life that go hand in hand with aging.  For many, one of them is hair loss.  This unfortunate reality can be attributed to a number of factors and may actually be preventable.

If you want to prevent hair loss, you must first be able to recognize the cause.  Hair loss is linked to a variety of factors including diet, disease and genetics.  Taking proper care of your hair can actually help in your quest to prevent hair loss, and keep you hair healthy for a longer period of time.

Like all parts of your body, hair needs the proper nutrients in order to thrive.  Zinc, protein and other natural sources are essential in maintaining healthy locks, and providing the required nutrients can help you prevent hair loss.  The balance of your entire body can be evident in how your hair looks.  Keeping a balanced diet is an effective way to keep your hair thick and healthy.

Balanced care and cleanliness are also keys to preventing hair loss.  It is recommended that you avoid washing your hair more than once a day.  You should, however, give it a good cleaning no less than once a week.  While essential oils are necessary for maintaining hair's natural luster, you do need to strip away excess dirt and oils on a regular basis.  When hair is clean, the nutrients are able to move through it more freely, allowing for natural protection and healthy growth.  If you have a sensitive scalp, consider using a softer type of shampoo or one that contains specific medications to help your scalp and hair.

Styling methods can also encourage hair loss.  For instance, blow-drying your hair is known to have a negative effect on the cuticles that protect the hair.  If you absolutely must blow dry your hair, be sure to use a low-level heat to prevent damage.  Wet hair stretches and breaks more easily, so it's best to learn to style your hair when it's damp or dry.  This will alleviate the stress on your hair and will help to prevent hair loss.

Of course, the types of products that you use in your hair care regime can directly affect hair loss.  While most hair dyes and colouring products are deemed to be safe to use, some do contain extra chemicals that can be detrimental to your hair's good health.  The protective layers of the hair may be lost, leaving it vulnerable to further damage.  Over time, excessive exposure to dyes and chemicals can cause your hair to be lost easily.

Cosmetic balance is just as important as the right nutrients in preventing hair loss.  Taking good care of your hair when you are young can help to prevent hair loss as you age.  Your hair will remain thick, healthy and better looking for a longer period of time.  And of course, gorgeous younger looking hair can give you a more youthful overall appeal.